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Hafiz Hamidun - Zamzam

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  • Hafiz Hamidun's 'Zamzam': Celebrating Sacred Love and Obedience


    "Zamzam" is a profound musical piece by Hafiz Hamidun that delves deep into the themes of faith, loyalty, and spiritual devotion. This song draws inspiration from the rich historical and religious significance of the Zamzam well, a sacred water source in Islam in Mecca. The well is believed to have been miraculously created by God to provide water to Hajar and her son Ismail in the barren desert, a story that symbolizes trust in God's providence and the power of faith.


    The lyrics of "Zamzam," crafted by ITO Lara in collaboration with Hafiz Hamidun, poetically narrate the timeless story of Hajar and Ibrahim (Abraham) as they undertake a journey of unwavering faith and obedience to God. The song opens with a vivid depiction of the pilgrim's journey, beginning at Safa. As the pilgrim's feet touch the holy ground, memories of Hajar's devotion and love for her husband, Ibrahim, are invoked, alongside her ultimate submission to God's will.


    As the song unfolds, it takes the listener on an emotional ascent up the hills of Marwah, mirroring Hajar's relentless search for water to quench her son Ismail's (Ishmael) thirst. The repetitive cycle of seven rounds, or sa'i, between Safa and Marwah is beautifully encapsulated in the lyrics, symbolizing perseverance and hope. The coolness of the Zamzam water, which Hajar eventually discovers, is depicted as a physical relief and a spiritual solace that resonates deep within the listener's soul.


    The refrain, "Zamzam," is a powerful symbol throughout the song. It is a testament to Hajar's loyalty, her willingness to be left alone in the vast desert, and her ultimate faith in God's providence. The song's repetition of 'Zamzam' mirrors the repetitive cycle of the sa'i between Safa and Marwah, symbolizing the continuous search for faith and divine guidance.


    The song also touches on the eternal nature of Zamzam water, describing it as an unending divine source that flows from paradise. This imagery reinforces the idea that true faith and heavenly blessings are perpetual and inexhaustible.


    Moreover, "Zamzam" speaks to the universal human emotions and trials Hajar faces, portraying her story as one of extraordinary courage and resilience. The reference to envy and emotions in women's hearts underscores the relatable aspects of her experience, making her story not just a religious anecdote but a testament to strength and faith that resonates with all of us.


    The chorus reiterates Zamzam's symbolic significance, emphasizing its purity and profound wisdom. The recurring theme of Zamzam water being a clear, everlasting source from heaven reminds us of divine mercy and sustenance's eternal and boundless nature.


    Hafiz Hamidun's composition is a harmonious blend of evocative lyrics and soulful melodies that capture the essence of this spiritual journey. His musical interpretation brings a contemporary touch to an ancient story, making it not just a relic of the past but a living, breathing narrative accessible and emotionally resonant for today's audience.


    In conclusion, "Zamzam" is more than just a song; it is a spiritual odyssey that invites listeners to reflect on their faith and the timeless virtues of loyalty, obedience, and divine trust. Hafiz Hamidun has masterfully woven a narrative that transcends time, offering a profound and uplifting experience through the power of music.

  • Tika kaki menjejak dataran Safa

    Terimbau kisah keagungan cinta

    Kesetiaan isteri terhadap suaminya

    Ketaatan hamba kepada Tuhan-Nya

    Tika mendaki perbukitan Marwah

    Ku teguk secangkir air menghilang dahaga

    Dinginnya meresap ke relung jiwa

    Melengkapkan saie tujuh pusingannya

    Zamzam lambang kesetiaan Hajar

    Rela ditinggalkan di gurun terhampar

    Zamzam lambang ketaatan Ibrahim

    Akur perintah Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim

    Zamzam tidakkan pernah kering airnya

    Sumber mata air terpancar dari syurga

    Zamzam cemburu di benak wanita

    Bukan perasaan yang direka-reka

    Sebening Zamzam

    Menyingkap sejarah silam

    Sebening Zamzam

    Hikmah yang tersimpan

  • Producer: Hafiz Hamidun

    Composer: Hafiz Hamidun

    Lyricist: ITO Lara

    Arrangers: Firdaus Mahmud, Noel Ahad, Hafiz Hamidun

    Strings Arrangement: Mert Kemancı

    Strings: Istanbul Strings

    Clarinet: Ergün Şenlendirici

    Drum: Ujang

    Acoustic Guitar: Fuadko

    Keyboard: Firdaus Mahmud, Hafiz Hamidun

    Backing Vocals: Hafiz Hamidun, Fuadko, Naufal Azrin

    Recording Studios: Arteffects Studio, Hazel Music Co, Pro Recording Studio

    Mixing Engineers: Hafiz Hamidun, Greg Henderson, Paul Morrison

    Mastering Engineer: Noel Ahad

  • Executive Producer: Kenny Ong; Sony Music Entertainment Malaysia Sdn Bhd

    Senior Director of Marketing & Artist Relations: Ally Siw

    Digital Marketing Manager: Veea Norman

    Creative Marketing Manager (New Business): Chan Mei Yee

    Senior A&R Manager: Efry Arwis

    A&R Manager: Aimeil Hiu A&R Team: Umar Hakim, Ferhad

    Digital Sales Manager: Aiman Nubailah

    Digital Sales & Ops Team: Pu Sook Yan, Salyhah Zaid


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